s t a t e m e n t



Bertel Thorvaldsen, Löwendenkmal (Luzern, Switzerland) ©Sari Liimatta

I am just a reporter.

Unfortunately we too often overlook the most precious parts in the world around us. In my work I try to make people pay more attention to problems in the environment and our shared neighborhoods.

Representatives of certain animal species. The expectations, generalizations, beliefs and symbolism around animal themes.

I observe how animals were positioned in ancient cultures and especially how they still have such a powerful part in our everyday surroundings. They are connected also to many industrial materials.

I try to give back their animal powers which the toy makers often try to hide, bring down or deny altogether.
I never make them tell only stories about people, without telling their own story at the same time.

Life is just a beautiful system with quite sad and paradoxical structure. Something very huge is composed of super small particles. To find the balance and the ways how it alters.
Things which we can never fully understand, because it is unnecessary.

To choose.
Adapt yourself and survive. For the time which is so relative. The animal form, colors, materials and a jewelry function…

About the surprises, changes. During some tiny tiny moments which proved to be meaningful afterwards. I just try to describe. Animals called people.

Stones. Glass. Glass is something which looks in the end super cold material, but has needed enormous amount of warmth along the way of being manufactured. It needs to be handled with the greatest care, or it may easily harm you.

Also a piece from the world of designing, can race emotions, be connected to various context of symbolism and mysterious primus motor. In those moments, that object becomes a part of art field. It touches emotionally like even mere colors on walls, architecture or other structures, even the pure structure of nature. It depends on the way how we see them…
What makes my nerves jump, is those accusations where some designers deny the value of narrative language in jewellery. A contemporary jewelry object can be ALSO something else than a study of form and/or materials. I think that it is not a necessity, but a possibility. -No matter what the collective styles and modes say.

a jewellery sculpture = a sculpture which tells about jewelry